Let’s face it, we all have those days when we feel a bit self-conscious about our tummies. Whether you have a mum pooch going through menopause, feeling bloated or carrying some extra weight around the middle, I’ve got your back (and front!).

You can absolutely dress in a way that makes you feel fabulous and comfortable and ready to take on the day with confidence.

Here are 7 practical tips that will help you embrace your curves and dress your body type to hide your tummy without wearing Spanx!

1.Wear Medium to High Rise Bottoms


First things first, let’s chat about waistlines. Medium to high-rise bottoms are every woman’s best friend. Not only do they help to hold everything in, but they also create a smooth, streamlined silhouette. Think of them as a gentle hug for your tummy. Plus, they’re super comfortable! Whether you’re rocking jeans, trousers, or a lovely A line skirt, make sure it sits comfortably around your natural waist. Good quality mi-high rise bottoms are worth the investment if you want to create stylish, effortless outfits.

2.Deeper Colours Recede


Darker colours are like the Harry Potter of fashion—they work like magic! When you wear deeper shades on your bottom half, they help to create an illusion of a slimmer figure. Black is the usual classic choice, but don’t shy away from deep navy, charcoal, dark brown, deep green, or rich burgundy. These colours are not only slimming but also chic and versatile.

3. Fabric Matters


When it comes to fabrics, texture is key. Thicker fabrics like denim, twill, or structured cotton provide a bit more support and can help smooth out any lumps and bumps. Fabrics that skim rather than cling are also fantastic for creating a flattering look. Think crepe-like fabrics in trousers and flowy dresses or tops in materials like chiffon. These fabrics gently drape over your curves, offering comfort and style.

4.Empire Lines Flatter


An empire line dress or top can do wonders for your silhouette. The key is to ensure the seam sits just below the bust, around the fold of your elbows. This placement helps to elongate your torso and draw attention away from the tummy area. Avoid empire lines that sit too close to the bust as they can create an unflattering, bunched-up look. Instead, go for styles that gently flow from the seam, creating a graceful and elegant silhouette.

4.French Tuck


A loose front tuck can be a game-changer. By tucking in just the front of your shirt, you create a casual yet polished look that defines your waist without drawing too much attention to your tummy. This simple styling trick can instantly elevate your outfit and make you feel more put-together. It’s perfect for both relaxed and semi-formal settings.

5.Go Cropped


Alternatively, an oversized cropped top can work wonders. The volume of the top helps to balance out your figure, and the shorter length can actually make your tummy look flatter. Just make sure it’s not too cropped—we’re going for chic, not belly-baring! This style is trendy, comfortable, and incredibly forgiving, making it a fantastic option for days when you want to look stylish with minimal effort.

7. Wear An All-Over Pattern


All-over patterns can be incredibly effective at distracting the eye and concealing the tummy area. Whether you prefer florals, polka dots, or abstract designs, a good pattern can be your secret weapon. They add interest and dimension to your outfit, drawing attention away from your midsection and creating a balanced look.

Remember, the most important thing is to feel good in what you wear. Style is all about expressing yourself and having fun. Don’t stress too much about hiding your tummy; instead, focus on aiming for balance when styling your shape and finding clothes that make you feel confident and fabulous. You’ve got this!

So, next time you’re getting dressed, give these tips a try and strut your stuff with confidence.

Until next time,

Your Personal Stylist,


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