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We're going to go big here

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Do you feel uneasy when you open your closet, grabbing the first thing you see and closing the door quickly?

Or do you avoid opening it too wide because seeing what's inside disappoints you?

Many women struggle with dressing for their body shape, finding their style, coordinating colours, and achieving a polished look.
They often feel stuck, wearing the same outfits and are frustrated with their wardrobe.

If this sounds familiar and you're ready for a change, you're in luck! This mini course is a gold mine of knowledge and tools that will transform your style and wardrobe - fast!

get my proven 7 step method to 

Ready to take your style to the next level?


count me in!

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Ready for your life to change?

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“I have had many compliments on my new look”

“I have learnt so much doing this course and now have an understanding of what colours suit me, what style reflects my personality and how to put the clothes I have together to achieve a stylish, effortless look. I have had many compliments on my new look and have also passed on some of the tips to my friends. I am a busy working mum with 3 young children so doing the sessions online was great for me and made it very accessible. I would definitely recommend Personal Style Bootcamp to all of my friends and family. Great value for money!”

If you are a woman who is tired of feeling dull, uninspired with your wardrobe and stuck in a rut...
Then it's time to create a  style  that will enable you to look put together for any occasion effortlessly, and a workable wardrobe that feels cohesive  and works for your current lifestyle.

By following my signature 7-step method, you will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to become a well-dressed woman and boost your your style confidence like never before!

You can finally create a stylish capsule wardrobe wardrobe that feels like YOU.

This online course plus complimentary guides and templates shows you exactly how! The course is designed in such a way that you will start to see positive changes from day 1!

No fluff here, just actionable content that will transform your style and wardrobe.

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IS this is you?

  • You used to be able to throw anything on and look stylish...
  • You used to have fewer clothes and yet somehow still had an outfit for every occasion.
  • You used to love fashion and felt amazing in everything you wore.
  • Maybe you had kids and suddenly had no more time for yourself yourself…
  • Maybe your weight changed, and you no longer knew how to find your style…
  • Maybe your to-do list just kept getting longer, and style had to be pushed to the bottom of the list..


If any of the above sounds familiar, 

then it probably means:


Shopping has become frustrating because you can never find ANYTHING that works for your shape and colouring


Your wardrobe is overstuffed but you can't seem to find anything to wear.


You love some pieces in your wardrobe but struggle to know what to match them with


You end up wearing a lot of black because of you can't think of other options... and whilst you DO feel put-together some days, you feel 'less-than' on other days.


It can be done easily...
when you have the right knowledge and tools.

that make you smile!

And start creating outfits 


positive changes to expect


The pieces in your wardrobe fits, flatters, and makes you feel amazing!


You have a fail-safe system for choosing and putting together outfits (fast!) that look great every time.


You're more confident and creative with colour… no more dressing in all black and boring neutrals every single day.


You have fewer clothes clogging up your wardrobe, but still have multiple options for any occasion


Your style represents who you really are on the inside and everyone admires the new (stylish) version of yourself.

by the end of the bootcamp

You will be able to put together a stylish outfit in less than 5 minutes (using pieces you already own) + Create a capsule wardrobe with pieces that flatter and make you feel confident just like all my previous students...


I bet you have been put off

But what if there was a way...

  • There are a thousand influencers, tutorials, blogs, and opinions and they all contradict each other… where do you even start?
  • All this information leaves you with no clarity on the simple steps you actually need to take to look your best and build your ideal wardrobe.
  • A fresh start can feel overwhelming and expensive !
  • You don’t feel like you have the time to spare. Whether it's work, children, or a combination of a million other things, you don’t have the luxury of throwing away precious hours on trial and error! 

to really look AND feel amazing everyday (for any occasion)
without splashing out thousands of pounds on new clothes?

Don't think that great style can change your life?

i GET thanked by my students everyday.

By elevating your style and wardrobe, you can look your best whilst focusing your time and energy on other more important areas of your life. I will show you exactly how!



Master the art of being a well dressed woman
and create a capsule wardrobe in 7 days or less!

I crafted this program to share the simplest path to achieving a stylish and well-dressed appearance and create a stylish capsule wardrobe
(with plenty of colour as well as neutrals)!

This course will enable you to: Discover your Personal Style, Transform your Body Image, Look More Put together, Shop with Intention and Curate a Capsule Wardrobe in 7 Days or Less! 

Most videos are less than 20 minutes so you can get through the course and start getting results as quickly as possible!

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The moment I effortlessly assembled a stylish outfit in under 5 minutes without resorting to
constant changes or buying something new,
I realised I'd uncovered the secret
to looking stylish and building a cohesive wardrobe!

student stories

Ready to see exactly what's inside?


Each phase of elevating your style and wardrobe presented in video format (8 Videos). That means you can watch as I walk you through the process step by step. Making it easy to follow along and elevate your style and wardrobe with me, right by your side. Watch at your convenience and repeat the process for various aspects of your lifestyle.


 I've taken all of the guesswork out for you. Follow along as I breakdown the process of how to  discover your your personal style, look more put together and build a stylish capsule wardrobe you LOVE. Receive extra style guides and templates to help you on your style journey.


Navigating your style and wardrobe can seem overwhelming. With my 7 day  approach, you will INSTANTLY work through various aspects of your style and wardrobe and know exactly what step you are at in developing your style  at all times. This will allow you to finally take the guesswork out, and take back control!



This module is Fast (only 5 minutes) and at the end of it you will have:

When I said, skip the mumbo jumbo...I meant it.

Set your LIFE and STYLE goals

Create your future STYLE DESCRIPTORS

What you need to get started




In this module you will be guided through a transformative journey focused on cultivating a positive body image.

Understanding Body Image and  it's impact on your style and image

The role of society and media influence, shifts in the fashion industry and new attitudes to body image and beauty

Dressing with more joy and less overwhelm




Embrace your individuality while staying true to your personal style.

DEFINE Your unique Style Recipe and Style Personality

CLARIFY Your favourite Sillhouettes, Fabrics and Patterns

CREATE An aspirational style board to reflect your personality and personal preferences




For 99% of my clients, the biggest style dilemma is finding clothing to fit their shape and proportions. In this module, I'll teach you how to find clothes that actually fit and flatter… no more changing room meltdowns!

BODY SHAPE Awareness and tips to dress your shape

BODY PROPORTIONS - Discover your Body Lines (The 10 Fashion lines) and discover how you can create more flattering looks by enhancing these body lines.

ELEVATE any outfit using my signature formula. You can look amazing in almost anything!




Style is 70% colour. Tap into skills that are normally reserved for personal stylists  and become an expert at putting together stylish outfits that are NOT boring!

Understand Characteristics of colour and how to identify shades

Discover the world of neutrals and why having too black may be holding you book from looking stylish

Identify the best colour palette to work with in building your ideal wardrobe and how to wear colour





Most of my clients only wear 10% of what they own in their wardrobes. If you find yourself saying “I have nothing to wear” inside a wardrobe full of clothes, then this module will be a life saver!

Evaluate your lifestyle to pinpoint exactly what items you need to create wearable outfits

Why it's not your fault that you only wear 20% of your wardrobe and how to manage emotions surrounding clothing

3 Methods to declutter your wardrobe, how to re-organise your wardrobe and items you need to replace.




Use my signature capsule wardrobe formula to build a stylish wardrobe with items you can easily mix and match.

How to create a capsule wardrobe using my fail safe formula that you can replicate for different parts of your lifestyle or travel

Colour choices for your capsule that will provide more outfit choices and help you look more put together

The key pieces you need in your wardrobe to create versitility and longevity.




Discover simple stylist shopping techniques to make shopping trips easier, more efficient AND more enjoyable + Uncover simple tips to help you evolve your style.  

Stylist tips for preparation before shopping that will save you time and money

How to shop in person and online in the most effective way to minimise frustrations and returns + stylist recommendations on where to shop

How to evolve your style from year to year while staying current and stylish

> Complete Step-by-Step programme to discover + develop your personal style + build your ideal wardrobe -
(7 modules, 9 video lessons)... £697 value

> Access to Personal Stylist, Numba Pinkerton for support via email... £1,197 annual value 

>Personal Style Bootcamp Workbook... £ 87 value

> Flattering Footwear Guide... £77 value

> Warm Vs Cool Cheat Sheet..... £ 17 value

> Style Inspirations By Colour ... £ 27 value

> Guide To Wearing Colour... £47 Value

> Stylist secrets To Dressing Your Shape... £ 47 value

> The Ultimate Wardrobe Checklist ... £ 27 value

> The Warm Colour Palette ....... £ 57 value

> The Cool Colour Palette .......... £ 57 value

Total Value = £2337

Total Value  £2337

Today  £197 £47

yes, I need this

If there’s even 10% of you thinking it’d be a good idea to do this course - do the course ! 
My style before the course wasn’t bad , just a bit dull and some things just didn’t work for me. After the course I now know how to make that outfit work well and if my outfit isn’t working l know why and what to do about it. It will save you a fortune as once you have your colour / shape and personal style recipe in your head you can’t bring yourself to buy anything that doesn’t work for you. 
Numba is fab , very supportive, she gets that we all have different styles and doesn’t try to make your look a one size fits all. After doing the modules and decluttering my overstuffed wardrobe I felt I had more choices not less as I didn’t spend all my time taking things out and putting them back again. 
This is a great course , you have lifetime access so you can keep dipping back in . I hope you do it, you will be really glad you did 

I absolutely loved the course – I learned loads, it was fun and engaging and it was great to do it with such a lovely group of women. Numba was incredibly generous with her time and expertise, going way over and above, nothing felt like too much trouble. Add that to all the materials, the feedback, the lives and the bonus resources and it was truly excellent value for money. I feel more confident and stylish and excited to now have tools that will last a lifetime. Thank you so much, Numba!

I thought this was a genuinely excellent and well delivered course that gave me a very good grounding in understanding the best colours, shapes and ways in which outfits could be put together to flatter my body shape. It also helped me to leverage clothing I already have far more effectively through teaching me about some basic wardrobe principles. And I thought that tutor, Numba Pinkerton, was excellent – specifically she was knowledgeable, engaging, effusive and consistently went beyond the call of duty to help her students on this course.All in all, I have no hesitation in highly recommending this course - think of it as a great long-term investment that will save you a lifetime of making costly and wasteful clothing mistakes!


Suzanne C, Edinburgh

Hina Ma- London


Ready to elevate your style?

Normally £197

Today £47

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my name is Numba pinkerton

I've mastered the art of looking effortlessly stylish through my journey as an Image Consultant, my time as a fashion model, and over 12 years of expertise in styling everyday women.

In my mid-twenties, I felt like something was missing when it came to dressing well. No matter how many clothes I bought, figuring out great style felt really tricky.

Sometimes I got it right, but most times, I'd change outfits more than once before going out. Looking put together and creating a cohesive wardrobe that felt like me felt unattainable, and I started blaming my body shape for not finding clothes that looked good on me.

It seemed like fashion icons and style experts knew some secret I didn't. I was sure that the key to looking put together wasn't just following trends or buying expensive clothes, and it definitely wasn't copying influencers and hoping to look like them.

I realised I needed a plan, a style code I could rely on. A formula that just worked, so I decided I was going to learn everything there was to learn about style, image and building a capsule wardrobe. I have now honed my skill over 12 years and figured out a system that has worked for me and all my clients.

I now have a stylish capsule wardrobe full of clothes I love and I can put together a stylish outfits in less than 5 minutes for any occasion! I stopped chasing trends and wasting money and I have never been happier!

I want the same for you!  Once your style is sorted. You can spend your time and energy on other more important areas of your life.




  • Begun with a crowded closet filled with just a handful of high-quality items and a mix of mismatched colours.
  • Simplified my wardrobe by adding a few essential pieces and my favourite colours.
  • Turned my closet into a sanctuary of daily outfits that make me feel amazing!
  • Stopped wasting money on clothes and started investing more more in life, all while maintaining a stylish and confident appearance! 
  • My professional life took off; I found myself regularly featured in the media and asked to speak at corporate events
  • Let me guide you on this journey too! There is light at the end of the tunnel!

A year from now,
you will have wished

you started today....

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So let's get you started!

"Numba has really inspired me. I now understand the elements of a stylish, smart casual outfit and I can make myself look and feel better without having to overthink it or spend too much time- really important when you are busy in the morning!"

— Susan C


Negroni is incredibly organized. We couldn't have elevated our brand without her."

Jen Olmstead,
Tonic Site Shop

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this for me if I have no prio knowledge in style or colour

Absolutely. This course caters to all levels, helping you build on the knowledge and skills to elevate your style and wardrobe from the ground up.

What do I need to make THIS HAPPEN?

You will need a computer which makes it easier to do the course and see all the visuals. Grab a notepad and pen to take notes as you go and write down the tasks after each module. Ideally have a clothing rail that you can have fewer pieces on for practice. Bin bags or other bags will be handy for the wardrobe declutter.

do you need to buy new clothes to make this work?

You will get results with pieces you already own in your wardrobe, then build on those over the next few years to evolve your wardrobe as you see fit.

can you help me?

This Bootcamp is a completely DIY course but if you are interested in guidance on your journey, Keep and eye out for Personal Style Academy in the near future.

how is the course delivered?

The course is drip fed. You will have access to 1 module each day via a learning platform.

Thanks to Numba I now have a whole new outlook on clothes and a clear way forward.

— Linzi

Ginny changed my life. My whole damn life. I simply wouldn't be where I am in my business if not for her.


“I finally found the courage to pursue my dream of opening my own homewares boutique all thanks to Kate.”

Melanie chased her dream:

Let's Do


For the cost of a month's gym membership (that you probably won't use)
or one dress that you probably won't wear, you can transform your style and wardrobe and save time and money in the long run.
This course will pay for itself within a month.
Amazing value for money!

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