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"The 3 hours I spent with Numba, I was constantly learning for those 3 hours and loved every minute of it! I never got bored because it’s all well put together. It’s clear and concise!
I came away with a lot of knowledge about what clothes to wear and not what to wear also what color clothes suit my skin tone and what colors don’t! How to put an outfit together and adding accessories to it! I’ve great confidence now. Fantastic service! "

Darren H, 42

"I recently undertook three very different (and enjoyable) sessions. Numba Pinkerton, the Image Consultant, was friendly, informative, and extremely professional in all her dealings with me. I particularly loved the personal shopping outing, out of which I emerged with virtually an entire wardrobe! Numba suggested styles and colours I had never really considered (although some were perhaps already part of my existing wardrobe), and made me look at myself in a totally different light.
Now bearded (which has been greeted very positively by most of my friends and family), I have gained a lot more confidence in my ability to dress well and look more put together.

Paul K, 38


“My outfits never look as good on me as they do in my head”

“I have no idea what my style is now I have had all these changes in my body”

“I am sick of feeling frustrated and frumpy and I really want to wear something other than skinny jeans

“I feel so overwhelmed by shopping

“I have no idea what suits me or how to put it together"

“Your closet is full of clothes...but you can't seem to find anything to wear”

THEN our services are THE RIGHT FIT FOR YOU.