"I had lots of clothes in my wardrobe, but didn’t really know how to put an outfit together in a stylish way and I wasn’t really making an effort to try. Numba has really inspired me. I now understand the elements of a stylish, smart casual outfit and I can make myself look and feel better without having to overthink it or spend too much time- really important when you are busy in the morning. "

Susan Campbell, 42
Financial Advisor

"Numba is an amazing lady who has a gift for making it seem very easy and effortless to put together a stylish outfit, and by the end of working with her, you will have the tools to do this yourself. She advocates utilising the clothes and accessories you already have to enhance your look with the addition of a few key items to add to your next shopping trip."

Amy Piper, 36 


“My outfits never look as good on me as they do in my head”

“I have no idea what my style is now I have had all these changes in my body”

“I am sick of feeling frustrated and frumpy and I really want to wear something other than skinny jeans

“I feel so overwhelmed by shopping

“I have no idea what suits me or how to put it together"

“My wardrobe is full of clothes...but I can't seem to find anything to wear”

THEN our services are THE RIGHT FIT FOR YOU.