Come alive with colour analysis and discover which Colour Palette makes you look your best.


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Every element of colour analysis and how to wear your colours is contained in this 2-Hour consultation, so you can start creating that brilliant mix-and-match wardrobe you’ve always dreamed of!

One key aspect that can greatly enhance our appearance is the colours we choose to wear near our faces. The right colours can make us appear more vibrant, healthier and energised. Not everyone falls into a Season. I use a combination of Seasonal Colour Analysis  and Tonal Colour Analysis to identify your best palette and shades. The Colour Consultation is also available to men as a stand-alone consultation.


COST: £175

duration: 2 hours


  • Wearing shades of colours that suit you will improve your physical appearance by making your skin clearer, eyes brighter and teeth whiter.
  • You will look healthier, slimmer and younger.
  • You will be much more confident and creative with colour.  No more dressing in all black every single day!
  • Your wardrobe will co-ordinate better as the shades in your palette will naturally mix and match with each other.
  • You will have a fail-safe system for choosing and putting together outfits that look great EVERY time.
  • Shopping will cease to become a chore. You will be able to filter your choices by colour/shade and narrow your options.
  • ​You will save money in the long run, while still looking stylish every day.
  • You will never be stuck for an outfit ever again!

What is Involved?

  • Analyse the impact of various colour shades to discover those that suit you best (Undertone, Value and Clarity) using drapes
  • Identify your unique Seasonal Colour Group 
  • Teach you how to easily recognise your best shades when you are out in shops without always relying on your colour wallet (a skill not many personal stylists know about)
  • Discover your best colour shades for clothing, shoes, accessories and make-up.
  • Learn how to mix and match colours to create a wide range of looks
  • Discover how to coordinate your wardrobe and achieve more outfit combinations
  • Discover what shades best suit you for make-up an how to identify them.
  • You will provided with visual examples throughout your consultation
  • You will be provided with your personalised colour swatch to take home.

How does it Work?

After purchasing this consultation, I will be in touch with you within 48 hours via email to arrange a suitable date and time. Consultations take place at my studio. I will also ask you to complete a pre-profiling form/questionnaire + send a couple of specific images for analysis. This will help me tailor the consultation to suit you, your personality and your lifestyle. 



You keep buying new clothes but you can't seem to create outfits you love.

The colours you used to love suddenly don't feel right.

You have some colour in your wardrobe but end up wearing black more often than you want to admit.

You are struggling to create stylish outfits from the pieces you currently own.

When is best to do it?

  • Before a Style Consultation.
  • If you have a birthday coming up
  • When you have lost or gained weight
  • When you last got your colours done over 20 years ago
  • When a major life event occurs
  • When you need colour inspiration for your personal brand or social media outfits

What is included?

  • A 2- Hour In Person Colour Consultation
  • In person Colour Analysis
  • Printed Notes providing examples of how to wear your colours
  • Your Colour Type Swatch
  • + Access to over £1000 worth of Bonuses

+ 1 Month access to me via email or Whatsapp to ask any style related questions​ (Worth £995)

A guide to wearing your colours with plenty of inspiration for styling.
(Worth £55)

You will be eligible for discounts for any future purchases including courses and memberships.
(Save up to 20%!)

Currently on sale on Amazon, you get this bestselling book free when you book.
(Value £25)

+ More Templates and Cheat Sheets to help you on your style journey.
(Worth £95)

what they're saying:

“What a fabulous experience I had. Such an informative and relaxed meeting discussing colours I wouldn’t even have dreamt of wearing. I now have my colour palette in my handbag any time I go shopping and the knowledge that what I choose will fit in with my wardrobe. No more bad buys!! Numba you are an absolute star and I would highly recommend your service. ”

— Janet C, Jaro Design, Strathaven