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I focus on the unique needs and preferences of each client. I understand that everyone has their own individual preferences. I tailor my workshops to cater to these specific tastes. 

My workshops are designed to provide practical and hands-on guidance, helping participants discover their personal style and colours and learn how to make the most of their wardrobe. Through a combination of interactive activities, expert advice, and personalised workshops, I empower individuals to confidently dress in a way that reflects their personality and enhances their image.


colour workshops

Colour Me Confident

This style is suited to organisations willing to offer colour analysis as part of a bigger event such as a wellbeing day. Colour can be used as a tool to boost confidence and self esteem. During the time participants spend with me, they will learn how to identify their best colours and use them effectively in their wardrobes. Not only will they transform their appearance, but they'll also acquire fundamental skills to shop better and dress with confidence.
Customisable workshops available upon request.

colour analysis pop up

Team Building Days

This workshop aims to boost attendees' styling confidence by helping them identify their best colours and teaching them how to use colour effectively in fashion. By acquiring these fundamental skills, attendees will not only transform their appearance but also their self-perception while shopping or using the organiser's services. Ultimately, this newfound knowledge will enable attendees to shop better or use products/services with confidence, resulting in a more enthusiastic and engaged client/customer base. Customisable workshops are available upon request.

retail training

The most important skill for a personal stylist is being able to quickly identify a client's body shape and coloring to determine what clothes will suit them. This makes shopping effortless and ensures that every item selected will flatter the client. Personal stylists can also help build a capsule wardrobe for their clients. Many customers want this value-added service, but it is not available at a customer service level for most retailers. Training staff in color analysis and body shape styling can transform a business and improve the customer experience. The course content includes elements of color, matching color to personal coloring, identifying body silhouettes, dressing each silhouette, and creating stylish outfits in minutes. Attendees will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.

Corporate events

Personal Branding

As an Image Consultant with extensive training and experience, I understand the significance of projecting the right image and professional style to gain a competitive advantage. I believe that establishing a positive first impression is vital regardless of one's position on the corporate ladder, as it can greatly facilitate career advancement. I offer tailored workshops aimed at small executive teams, newly self-employed individuals, business managers, and customer service personnel. These workshops provide practical hands-on guidance through demonstrations and personalised advice to help individuals acquire the appropriate professional look for their organisation. To further explore how I can assist your company or organisation, please reach out to me for a discussion.


I focus on the unique needs and preferences of each client. I understand that everyone has their own individual preferences. I tailor my workshops to cater to these specific tastes. 

Whether it's enhancing team cohesion through a shared understanding of colour or educating retail staff on body shape styling, my workshops provide valuable insights and practical tools that participants can apply in their personal and professional lives. By focusing on individual and organisational needs, I ensure that  my workshops are engaging, informative, and impactful for all participants.


Our workshops with Numba have been an absolute game changer in how we think about wearing colour. Not only is she a wealth of knowledge about styling and colour theory but is one of the nicest and most personable people I've ever had the pleasure of working with.  

The workshops are very informative and challenge your preconceived ideas about what you can and can't wear. Everyone who has been lucky enough to snap up a ticket has been amazed at what they have learned in one evening.

Laura M, General Manager
Sew Confident Glasgow

Numba Pinkerton is one of the best stylists that I have met.Her knowledge and attention to styling trends is second to none.
Numba has been working with Sarah Haran Accessories for a year now helping deliver styling tips to corporate ladies in senior positions. I cannot recommend her services enough to anyone who is looking. 

Sarah Haran, CEO
Sarah Haran Accessories

Numba supported Perceptive Communicators with a ‘finding your colours’ session for a corporate event. The session Numba delivered was tailored to our themes and included a presentation on colour theory, followed by individual consultations to give each person a palette of their colours to take away. The presentation was great, with the right level of detail and practical lessons. Numba was amazing to work with and sparked conversation straight away. We all learned a lot from the session and a number of people received positive compliments on outfits styled the next day using their colours. I’d wholeheartedly recommend Numba for a corporate event – she was perfect to engage and entertain. 

Sophie Newington, Communications Consultant
Perceptive Communicators 

My experience in collaborating with Numba has been entirely positive. We organised an event in my store for clients with the theme 'colour'. Numba gave a presentation where she addressed the myths relating to colour. She provided examples for customers that they could relate to and then discussed their own personal needs. We made sure that the experience was informal and relaxed and Numba added measurable value to the day. Numba is clearly knowledgeable about her area and works well with clients in terms of making them feel at ease and relating to their concerns. Many regular customers fed back how much they had enjoyed the event afterwards. I would highly recommend Numba for such events.

Gillian, Owner
Leafy Green Strathaven