I have put together the following packages to help you save money on multiple sessions and fully equip you with the know-how of how to become a more stylish and attractive YOU! 


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In Person

Are you stuck in a style rut, have a wardrobe full of clothes you don’t wear and feel completely deflated when you shop? Think how amazing you would feel if you could:

  • Have a wardrobe full of clothes you absolutely love
  • Have items in your wardrobe that fit well and coordinate with each other
  • Your wardrobe finally reflects your personality and lifestyle
  • Stop wasting money on clothes that don’t work for you.
  • Feel empowered when you shop and know exactly what to look for
  • Create the very best version of you through your personal style and image


Start your style journey with confidence right away... Simply scroll down the page to find the right package for you. Click each consultation to find out more.
Feel free to contact me on for any questions. CLICK HERE for before and After styling gallery.
Note: In Consultations take place at my studio- 1 Crosshill Crescent, Strathaven- ML10 6DT. Virtual Consultations take place via zoom.

*Groups of up to 3 people are welcome in the studio for the 'Butterfly' and 'Peacock' Packages. A 20% discount applies for group sessions.


Which styling               is
right for




*Perfect if you want to feel great in what you wear! Discover how to dress your shape, how to pick colours that uplift rather than drain you and how to look stylish for any occasion- effortlessly! Shopping and wardrobe decluttering becomes so much easier. Banish those style dilemma's forever and save money on wrong purchases.


*Perfect if you want to look and feel your best every day. Learn the skills to dress your shape, wear the right colours and learn how to expertly enhance your natural beauty through your hairstyle (cut & colour choices). A great confidence booster!

*The Hairstyle Consultation can be swapped for the Make-Up Consultation for the same cost. Please contact me if you wish to swap.

*Perfect if you have had the same look for years and want a change. This package will help you take your style and image to the next level. Learn the skills to dress your shape, wear the right colours and learn how to expertly enhance your natural beauty through your hairstyle (cut & colour choices) and make-up (natural day, professional and evening look). You can finally look well-groomed, stylish and put together- Effortlessly!

*Perfect if you want to streamline your wardrobe and wear more of your current pieces. Learn the skills to dress for your shape and use colour to create a wide range of stunning outfits suited to your age and lifestyle. Save money by wearing your existing clothes differently.
In only a few hours, you can have a streamlined wardrobe full of clothes you love and endless outfit combinations to reflect your current lifestyle. 
*A small additional cost is required to cover travel expenses for locations over 50 miles from the studio. 

Transform your style, wardrobe and Image with our Image Evolution Package – the ultimate solution for all your fashion and beauty needs. Embrace a total style, image and wardrobe makeover that not only boosts confidence but empowers you, ideal for those navigating life changes.

Indulge in our most exclusive service, where personalised attention meets your unique preferences. This comprehensive package features a Style Consultation, Colour Consultation, Hairstyle Consultation, Make-Up Consultation, Wardrobe Weeding, and Capsule Wardrobe Personal Shopping.

Seize the opportunity now to embark on a fashion journey that promises a stylish, confident, and world-conquering you!

*Perfect if you want to revamp your personal style and wardrobe!
You will learn the skills to dress for your shape and how to use colour to create a range of stunning outfit combinations.
Shopping with an expert will give you a much needed kick-start to building a stylish capsule wardrobe by getting you the key pieces to help you create stunning outfits very single day. You can finally look and feel great everyday + Have a stylish wardrobe full of clothes you are excited to wear, aligned with your values, personality and lifestyle.
No more style dilemma's and wrong purchases going forward!

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How does it Work?

After purchasing this consultation, I will be in touch with you within 48 hours via email to arrange a suitable date and time. In Person Consultations take place at my home Studio studio-
1 Crosshill Crescent, Strathaven- ML10 6DT.
Virtual consultations take place via zoom.
I will also ask you to complete a pre-profiling form/questionnaire + send a couple of specific images for analysis prior to our consultation date. This will help me tailor the consultation to suit you, your personality and your lifestyle. 

Up to 3 Months access to me via email or Whatsapp to ask any style related questions​ (Worth £1495)

A guide to wearing your colours with plenty of inspiration for styling.
(Worth £55)

A guide to help you get started on building a stylish and timeless capsule wardrobe.
(Worth £75)

You will be eligible for discounts for any future purchases including courses and memberships.
(Save up to 20%!)

A  comprehensive guide that will uncover and develop your personal style through self-reflection, experimentation, and practical exercises.
(Worth £95)

Currently on sale on Amazon, you get this bestselling book free when you book.
(Value £25)

Always look put together and stylish with our comprehensive Footwear Guide
(Worth £95)

+ More Templates and Cheat Sheets to help you on your style journey.
(Worth £95)

what they're saying:

“OMG! Shopping is FUN!! I just went whipping round the shops thinking ‘right colour/wrong shape’ or ‘right length/wrong colour’ and then hit the changing rooms with some awesome finds. I feel like my wardrobe is beginning to look like a grown ups! ”

— Karina Smilie, 42


“My outfits never look as good on me as they do in my head”

“I have no idea what my style is now I have had all these changes in my body”

“I am sick of feeling frustrated and frumpy and I really want to wear something other than skinny jeans

“I feel so overwhelmed by shopping

“I have no idea what suits me or how to put it together"

“My wardrobe is full of clothes...but I can't seem to find anything to wear”

THEN our services are THE RIGHT FIT FOR YOU.

My In Person style packages are an investment in you. Not only will you feel empowered and confident in your style, but you’ll also make better purchasing choices along the way that will save you so much. Start your style journey now by sending me a message below and begin expressing your authentic style with confidence right away. I’ll show you how...