Creating powerful first impressions and assisting clients in attaining their personal and professional goals is what I am most proud of in my work, but don’t just take my word for it, read what my clients say about me below (Most recent first):



"It was a pleasure meeting you and I thoroughly enjoyed our appointment and meeting you. I wanted to thank you for the great support and advice you gave me, it has changed so much more in my wardrobe!! I feel I’ve reconnected with who I am and reignited my interest in what I wear and how I look. It’s given me a renewed confidence in what I wear and how I style things up. We go to Australia tomorrow for three weeks, I’ve confidently bought a capsule wardrobe (based on all your advice) which I love and can make lots of different looks!! Thank you so much for you fantastic advice and for enabling me to rediscover and find who ‘Liz’ is again!! "

"Numba has been amazing at helping me find what colours suit as well as what styles work well for my body type. I’ve also been given great advice to be able to apply this on a daily basis, from putting outfits together to building a capsule wardrobe and knowing what to look for in shops to make my money go further. The colour and style sessions made decluttering incredibly easy and make shopping a much more exciting activity that I would previously dread. I think about Numba’s advice daily since I received it! 10/10 would recommend.
Saves so much time and money! "

"I just wanted to say a quick thank-you for your help last month. In a million years I never would’ve imagined I could survive 5 hours of clothes shopping, but I actually found the process enjoyable and very educational!
Most importantly, I have had numerous comments from colleagues and friends who couldn’t quite put their finger on it, but noticed a dramatic change in me. Several people asked me if I lost weight. One person asked me if I was having an affair!
Anyway, thanks again, and I will be happy to recommend you to any friends or business associates, and in fact I already have!"

In Person Butterfly Package
(Consultation + Style Consultation)

Andy G, Edinburgh

Lion Package
(Men's Image Consultation + Capsule Wardrobe Personal Shopping)

Catrina M, 52- PA
Lioness Package
 (Style + Colour + Personal Shopping)

"I was a 52 year o/d menopausal woman who was stuck in a style rut!
Working from home had made me very lazy and I was wearing work out gear almost every day. I had a wardrobe full of clothes but was incapable of putting an outfit together and was a slave to wearing black. I loved my session with Numba- she has such a lovely manner and made me feel so at ease. Her approach to styling was so logical and easy to understand that I now look forward to shopping for clothes whereas before I loathed it as I just did not know where to start. Now I know what colours and styles to go for and feel so much more confident in my purchases. Numba has given me a new lease of life and renewed confidence. I can't recommend her service highly enough."

Well where do I start? I had a very big birthday recently and have always wanted to have a consultation on style and colours for my wardrobe. You would think 30 years plus as an interior designer I would have that nailed!! My lovely daughter suggested an appointment with the lovely Numba.
What a fabulous experience I had. Such an informative and relaxed meeting discussing styles that would suit and colours I wouldn’t even have dreamt of wearing. I now have my colour palette in my handbag any time I go shopping and the knowledge that what I choose will fit in with my wardrobe. No more bad buys!! Numba you are an absolute star and I would highly recommend your service. 

"My lovely friend bought me the ‘Butterfly Package’ for my 40th birthday. I’d been feeling really quite low about how I looked since having kids and just didn’t know where to start to get myself back on track. 
Numba was amazing and I learned so much during our session. She answered all of my many, many questions and I just felt great afterwards. I’ve been shopping and got my capsule wardrobe sorted in the right colours, so no more pre-going out panics regarding feeling fat or having nothing to wear.
I can’t thank my friend and Numba enough. This really is the gift that keeps on giving! "

Janet C, 56- interior designer
In Person Butterfly Package
(Consultation + Style Consultation)

Susan A- therapist
In Person Butterfly Package
(Style Consultation + Colour Consultation)

what they're saying:

"No matter what age, or shape we
are, you can really transform your appearance with the style principles that Numba provides so professionally, all aimed at given you a new found confidence in your personal style. I absolutely loved it !!"

— Lorraine Tate, 60, (Retired)

"What an experience! Numba has been a breath of fresh air to me and my wardrobe. I was so far out my comfort zone that it was good to know that I was in safe hands and that it was all tailored specifically to me and my personality. Thanks to Numba I now have a whole new outlook on clothes and a clear way forward."

— Linzi, 39 (Personal Assistant)

"I am really am at the start of my style journey, having worn the same kind of clothes for the last twenty five or more years, but after just a few hours with Numba, I see things differently and more importantly I see it doesn’t need to be difficult. I’m looking forward to this new adventure."

— Moira, 47 (Project Manager)

Jenna V (London)
Virtual Peacock Package
(Style Consultation + Colour Consultation + Hairstyle Consultation)

"I’ve never had much confidence in venturing beyond the comfort zone of T-shirt and jeans, whether it’s a day or evening occasion, and I have never been sure on what styles / colours suit me best. However, after a morning with Numba, I came away inspired and equipped with the tools and knowledge to embrace the dresses, colours and accessories I never would of had the confidence to before! What’s more, despite the session being delivered virtually, Numbas warm, friendly and honest approach made me feel completely at ease straight away. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend!"  

"Just wanted to drop you a wee message to say I’ve been loving purchasing some new items for my wardrobe 😊 I’ve purchased some new staples based on your lookbook, I now feel much more put together and excited to get ready in the morning. I’ve happily avoided leggings, and got rid of my old, worn Topshop jeans selection that no longer fit me which felt really good!
Thank you again for your help! I’ll definitely recommend you to any friends/family, it has been a breath of fresh air for me and given me the confidence boost I needed to shop with new brands, and the knowledge to find clothes that flatter my body and personality."

"For years I have pondered over many fashion dilemmas. What colours do I suit, how do I put a smart casual outfit together, is it fashionable to have a different coloured bag than shoes? to mention but a few. Well thanks to my wonderful afternoon at style me flawless I have all the answers. My apprehension beforehand was quickly diminished as soon as Numba welcomed me inside. I had a fabulous afternoon discovering how easy being fashionable can be. I now know all about colours and what works best for me. Numba made me feel very special and shared many fashion tips that can easily be put into practice to make a difference to my wardrobe. My daughter gave this to me as a lovely gift, however I totally recommend this as a treat for anyone at any age. It will transform the way you look at clothes and colours. Thank you Numba."

Hannah C
(Online Personal Shopping Lookbook)

Fiona J, Glasgow
Butterfly Package (Style Consultation + Colour Consultation)

"I have really enjoyed working with Numba, as it has forced me to look at the clothes I have and how to make them more stylish and flattering to my body shape. I have also enjoyed clothes shopping much more than usual! Numba has been very enthusiastic and is clearly passionate about helping me to improve my style. She is friendly & approachable and has made this whole experience invigorating and fun." 

Barbara, 59
(Business Owner)

"Numba is an amazing lady who has a gift for making it seem very easy and effortless to put together a stylish outfit, and by the end of working with her, you will have the tools to do this yourself. She advocates utilising the clothes and accessories you already have to enhance your look with the addition of a few key items to add to your next shopping trip."

Amy Piper, 36 

"I have always struggled with my shape and would wear things that covered my body rather than enhancing the positives. Numba explained how to draw attention to the right places and tricks that can be used to cover the areas that need it. Made me realise there is a shape under those baggy clothes and that actually covering up isn’t always the best option."

Helen, 38
(Project Controller)

Alanna P- Aberdeen, Scotland
(Lioness Package -Style + Colour + Personal Shopping)​

"I recently attended the eagle package consultation with Numba and it was brilliant! Numba is an extremely friendly and knowledgeable stylist. I learned so much and really appreciated the well thought out approach of the day.
The shopping part was very enjoyable and I came away with a great range of items for my wardrobe. When I returned home, I went through my current wardrobe and was able to follow the principles Numba taught me and pick out items that hadn't really worn before to create an outfit that I loved.
I was quite taken aback and it made me realise that I'm very glad I chose to do this now. I now see that the benefits of dressing stylishly at any size. So thank you Numba, so much for your help. It's made a real difference to my confidence and my outlook of my weight."

"I recently attended the 'Peacock Package' with Numba for a colour consultation, style consultation and make up advice. It was absolutely brilliant!! I have learned so much about the colours that suit me, how to build colour into an outfit, including the use of accessories. The style element of the session was very helpful and I learned a lot about the right clothes to wear for my body shape. From the make up session, I have learned how to use make up to enhance features and create a polished look. Numba explained the 'theory' very well whilst also providing lots of practical advice and examples of colours and clothing that would work for me. I now feel I have the knowledge to make better choices and build a stylish wardrobe! Many thanks Numba for your fantastic advice and for a really fun day." 

"My lovely friend bought me the ‘Butterfly Package’ for my 40th birthday. I’d been feeling really quite low about how I looked since having kids and just didn’t know where to start to get myself back on track. 
Numba was amazing and I learned so much during our session. She answered all of my many, many questions and I just felt great afterwards. I’ve been shopping and got my capsule wardrobe sorted in the right colours, so no more pre-going out panics regarding feeling fat or having nothing to wear.
I can’t thank my friend and Numba enough. This really is the gift that keeps on giving! "

Zoe R- St Andrews, Scotland
Peacock Package (Style Consultation + Style Consultation + Make-up Consultation)

Susan A- therapist
In Person Butterfly Package
(Style Consultation + Colour Consultation)

"I don’t know about you but I have reached a point in my life where I dislike shopping for clothes with a passion and that actually that makes me feel quite sad. Trying to find nice clothes that look good and fit well is time consuming and overwhelming and so have come to dread the whole idea of buying clothes. So this year for my birthday I treated myself to a colour and style consultation with the lovely Numba Pinkerton @ Style Me Flawless.
I spent whole morning with Numba learning so much about colour and how when you wear the right colours, you can really enhance your appearance. We also talked at length about and how to style and to ‘dress your body shape’ with the right styles and cuts and how when you keep to the rules you can narrow down your choice and save so much time and money by avoiding fashion mistakes! 
One of the biggest takeaways for me was when you accept your body shape and you dress the whole body to create balance the bits you don’t really like about your body shape stop becoming the focus. People see the whole of you! 
Thanks Numba for such a great morning. I’m feel more motivated to go shopping now and can’t wait to start getting a colour coordinated wardrobe together!" 

"I usually find myself really overwhelmed by shopping, and struggle to decide what to buy and what would work for me so I generally tend to avoid it. I wanted to do something for my 30th birthday to finally achieve that put-together, confident and adult look as I enter this new decade of my life so that the way I present myself to the world was more aligned with my own personal development and confidence. I have finally reached a point in my life where I no longer wish to hide, and I know that the clothes I wear, my hairstyle and the way I carry myself are a really important part of that.
Numba's sessions are very carefully and thoughtfully put together. Her approach is thorough, professional, totally personalised and a lot of fun. They are also educational, which ultimately feels more empowering and beneficial in the longer-term, making it easier for me to know exactly what I should be looking out for in the shops (and at the hairdresser) that would suit me, my body/face shape and my colouring best. I had initially hoped for an in-person consultation, but then lockdown happened and I had already got myself excited about working with Numba so decided to go ahead anyway with the online consultation when they became available. It worked so well that I honestly cannot think of an extra benefit of doing it in-person instead. I am finally looking forward to a massive wardrobe overhaul and a good shopping session, all thanks to Numba and her amazing work! I have recommended her to my friends, family and even my husband - the highest form of praise!"

"Good afternoon lovely Numba,
I wanted to drop you a note to thank you so much for everything you've done for me during this process. I bought this package thinking it would give me some basic tips and help me feel more confident, whereas what you've done is entirely transform the way I think about style & fashion. I even find myself now looking at actors on TV and saying "well she's definitely a warm palette". I came across your website somewhat by fluke but I am SO glad I went ahead and did it. I was quite nervous and felt out of my comfort zone but your gentle and funny nature relaxed me immediately. Your wisdom and engagement throughout this process far outweigh the financial cost of this package and I am so glad I made this decision. People that see me since our sessions say to me, "ooh, why are you all dressed up?" even when I wear something I've quickly thrown together! You've made it so easy to do - even for me who is relatively shy, self conscious and didn't think I had the body or the height (being only 5") to pull off nice clothes. I initially assumed that the reviews from other clients talking about the difference you made must have been already fashionable people, but you truly are a genius when it comes to providing simple tools that make a big, long-lasting difference. Once you learn the tools you don't un-learn them, so this way of thinking will impact my style forever.
This was truly one of the most fun, rewarding and valuable things I've done and what a way to brighten up my lockdown, with a total wardrobe re-vamp and having the opportunity to get to know you. You've made me love my wardrobe and love dressing every day, so for that I am immensely grateful. It's absolutely worth putting the work in and really engaging with this process to try and train yourself to step out of your comfort zone. Trust me, it's worth it!
I'm sure I'll be using your personal shopping services & guidance regularly so this isn't the last you'll hear from me, but once again Numba, THANK YOU. It's been a total joy."  

Catherine T (Bishopbriggs)
In Person Butterfly Package
(Style Consultation + Colour Consultation)

Daniela M , Edinburgh
(Virtual Butterfly Package -Style & Colour Consultation)

Catherine T (Bishopbriggs)
In Person Butterfly Package
(Style Consultation + Colour Consultation)


“My outfits never look as good on me as they do in my head”

“I have no idea what my style is now I have had all these changes in my body”

“I am sick of feeling frustrated and frumpy and I really want to wear something other than skinny jeans

“I feel so overwhelmed by shopping

“I have no idea what suits me or how to put it together"

“Your closet is full of clothes...but you can't seem to find anything to wear”

THEN our services are THE RIGHT FIT FOR YOU.

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