Embrace a total style, image and wardrobe makeover that not only boosts confidence but empowers you, ideal for those navigating life changes.


That woman who always looks so put together...
It can be you!
Every element of your style, image and wardrobe is contained in this 5-Step Complete Image Makeover

Because you care about how you look and you're done feeling confused and frustrated about what to wear.

 You're ready to up your style and image!

COST: £885 (Worth £1090)
(3 Monthly payments of £295)

duration: 5-6 hours
over 3 days

Is this you?

- Maybe you’ve been promoted (or would like to be), or your business is taking off – but you haven’t upgraded your image to align with your progress. You know you need to up your game and invest in looking the part.

- Perhaps you’re becoming more visible; networking, dating maybe. You want to level up your personal brand, your overall image and that important first impression.

- Perhaps you’ve been putting so much energy elsewhere – on work, on the family, and feel now is the time to start focussing on yourself again.

my method

Experience a customised consultation that will provide you with invaluable advice and strategies to elevate your style, wardrobe and overall image

 Not only will this help you save money by wearing your existing clothes in different ways, but in just a few days, you'll have a streamlined wardrobe filled with clothes you love and endless outfit combinations that reflect your current lifestyle and personality.

I will help you weed out the tatty, the old fashioned, the worn out, the stretched and just the plain wrong stuff and help you acquire new pieces that you need for your lifestyle.

The Result

✓  AN ENHANCED style & image

An elevated style and image based on your personal preferences, body shape, colouring, personality and lifestyle.


Everything in your wardrobe will fit you well, flatter your shape and colouring, and make you feel amazing! You will finally have  a wardrobe full of clothing that look great on you everyday!


You will become more confident in your image and  style choices, without worrying about others' opinions. You can leave your house everyday feeling attractive & knowing you look amazing without spending too much time getting ready. 



you want to take your style and image to a new level. You want your outside to reflect who you are on the inside.

you want to streamline your wardrobe and build a stylish capsule wardrobe you love full of colour.

You find shopping difficult and you want your choices to be much more obvious.

you are ready to embark on a new chapter ing your personal or professional life and are ready to create a style and image that reflects this new chapter.

Join me in this 5- Step Styling experience for your head to toe Makeover.


Discover Your Unique Style (Colour, Style and Personality)

In this first step, we will delve into your personal style, uncovering your best colours and understanding your shape, exploring your lifestyle and unique personality. We will discuss your fashion inspirations any specific goals or challenges you may have when it comes to your style. By taking the time to understand your individuality and what styles resonate with you, we can begin to build a solid foundation for your personal style transformation (style, colour and outfit choices). 


Enhance Your Look
(Make-Up and Hairstyle Consultation) 

Once we have defined your style, it's time to focus on enhancing your hairstyle and makeup. We will work together to create a hairstyle that complements your face shape and personal style. From choosing the right haircut to selecting flattering colors, we will ensure that your hair is a perfect reflection of your unique style. Additionally, we will explore different makeup techniques and products to enhance your features and achieve your desired look. 
* This does not include the cost of a hairdresser or make-up products.


Revamp Your Wardrobe

It's time to streamline your wardrobe and say goodbye to those pieces that no longer serve you. Through a comprehensive wardrobe edit, we will identify what items should stay, what can be repurposed, and what needs to go. We will assess the fit, condition, and relevance of each item to create a functional and organised wardrobe that reflects your personal style. Together, we will create a wardrobe that is versatile, reflects your lifestyle, and makes getting dressed easy. We will discuss wardrobe staples, create outfit combinations, and explore different styling techniques to maximise the potential of your existing clothing collection. We will end the session with  a personalised shopping list based on your style preferences, budget, and any specific wardrobe needs.

UPgrade (WORTH £295)

A Curated Wardrobe and Personal Shopping Experience

In this final step, we will take your personal style to the next level. With a curated wardrobe tailored specifically to you, we will ensure that every piece serves a purpose and allows for endless outfit options.  I will guide you through a personalised shopping experience, either in person or online, selecting items that align with your style, fit perfectly and effortlessly elevate your wardrobe. Whether we're hunting for statement pieces, filling gaps in your wardrobe, or updating your basics, I will help you make informed purchasing decisions that align with your personal style and budget. Throughout the shopping experience, I will provide styling tips and advice on how to mix and match your new pieces with your existing wardrobe. By the end of this step, you will have a curated wardrobe that reflects your unique style, fits perfectly, and allows you to express yourself confidently through your clothing choices. 

+ 6 Months access to me via email or Whatsapp to ask any style related questions​ (Worth £1495)

A guide to wearing your colours with plenty of inspiration for styling.
(Worth £55)

A guide to help you get started on building a stylish and timeless capsule wardrobe.
(Worth £75)

You will be eligible for discounts for any future purchases including courses and memberships.
(Save up to 20%!)

A a comprehensive guide that will uncover and develop your personal style through self-reflection, experimentation, and practical exercises.
(Worth £95)

Currently on sale on Amazon, you get this bestselling book free when you book.
(Value £25)

Always look put together and stylish with our comprehensive Footwear Guide
(Worth £95)

+ More Templates and Cheat Sheets to help you on your style journey.
(Worth £95)

what they're saying:

“The results exceeded my expectations! The package covered every aspect of personal branding, including style and colour, hairstyle and make-up + A wardrobe assessment  and shopping. The attention to detail and personalised approach made me feel like a valued client throughout the process. Investing in this package was a game-changer for my professional image and personal confidence. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to elevate their personal brand. ”


— Fiona M


“I just need someone one step ahead to tell me what would look good on me."

“How do I appear professional enough so that people take me more seriously? ”

“I wish I could somehow find a better way to manage my wardrobe so that getting dressed everyday becomes easier and quicker.

“I have had the same hairstyle and make-up look for years. How do I upgrade my look whilst still feeling like me?

“If I just had the right pieces in my wardrobe, putting outfits together would be so much easier."

“I just need to know what works for me so I don't keep making costly mistakes”


That woman who always looks so put can be you!
Let me help you achieve your style goals.