Learn the techniques to dress your shape + Colouring and create a variety of amazing outfits that complement your personality and lifestyle. 


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Discover how to flatter your unique body shape and effortlessly exude style confidence for every occasion.  

Being well dressed does not mean dressing expensively or being at the cutting edge of fashion. You can immediately improve the appearance of your shape by adopting the art of clever dressing. By considering your body lines, colouring personality and lifestyle, I will show you how to select clothes and accessories that will flatter your shape, make you look stylish and feel more confident in your image. Start creating stylish outfits for any occasion in less than 5 minutes!


COST: £195

duration: 2.5 hours


  • Shopping will become what it should have always been- A stress-free, pleasurable and exciting experience - you will know exactly what to look for.
  • Everything in your wardrobe will finally fit, flatter, and make you feel confident!​
  • You will open your wardrobe and get excited about all the potential outfit choices, not just any outfits... outfits that look good on you, fit well and make you look great, everyday.
  • You will become confident in your own style choices, regardless of the occasion without worrying about what other people will think.
  • You can revamp your style and wardrobe, whilst still looking like YOU. 

What is Involved?

  • Get to know our body shape and natural colouring and how to enhance your best features.
  • Learn the best clothing styles and cuts for your body shape including trousers, suits, jackets and shirts.
  • Learn what your wardrobe essentials are and how to use them effectively.
  • Learn how to pick shoes, socks and other accessories.
  • Learn your best colour shades for clothing and accessories.
  • Learn how to mix colours for maximum impact.
  • Learn how to mix and match clothing and accessories to create different looks.
  • Learn how to dress effectively for different occasions, including smart casual, business and smart.
  • Discover how to co-ordinate your wardrobe and achieve more outfit combinations

How does it Work?

After purchasing this consultation, I will be in touch with you within 48 hours via email to arrange a suitable date and time. Consultations take place at my studio or meet at Tinderbox in Princess Square Glasgow.  Online Consultations take place via zoom. I will also ask you to complete a pre-profiling form/questionnaire + send a couple of images for analysis. This will help me tailor the consultation to suit you, your personality and your lifestyle. 



You keep buying new clothes but you can't seem to create outfits you love.

Your shape has changed and you have no idea what styles suit you now.

You wear the same outfits relentlessly, yet some pieces remain in your wardrobe untouched.

Shopping has become frustrating because you can never find anything that works for your shape, age or lifestyle.

You struggle to feel stylish, comfortable and joyful in what you wear. 

what they're saying:

"I just wanted to say thank you for my consultation yesterday. I really enjoyed it and you made me feel completely at ease. The content was brilliant and I now have a clear way forward. Today, I decimated my current wardrobe (for the better!) and have already begun to think through my outfits based on your consultation. Of course, that will now involve shopping with more focus and ensuring I invest in items that enhance me rather than detract from me. Thank you."

— Keith M (St Andrews)

This Consultation is crafted to ensure that the knowledge gained from our consultations will benefit you for a lifetime. It is a wise investment, offering excellent value for your money.

To get the full benefit of your Image Consultation and save money in the long run, I strongly advise you to book this with a Personal Shopping session (Lion Package) which will fully equip you all the essential personal style know-how and leave with a wardrobe of stylish clothes you’ll love to wear. 

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