Transform your look and enhance your appearance with the power of make-up!


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How many times have you gone to a cosmetic counter and spent £30 to £60 on products you never use? Has a saleswoman sold you a line that ‘did wonders for me’ but does nothing for you?

Whether you want to update your daytime or evening make-up, make a fresh start with new products or cultivate your own signature style, this personalised make-up lesson is a life-changing step towards feeling your beautiful best. I will show you how to choose products, select shades and develop a bespoke application routine for an effortlessly polished daytime, Professional and Evening look with the perfect level of impact.


COST: £75

duration: 1 hour


  • ​​Having the right make-up for your features and colouring will improve your physical appearance by creating a more balanced and groomed look.
  • You will feel more confident in changing your make-up look from day time to evening, gliding effortlessly from one occasion to the next without a care in the world.
  • ​You will know exactly which make-up products to suit your skin type and colouring.
  • You can finally create a version of yourself that you've always wanted to be but didn't know how.

You can finally save money buy only buying products that will work for you.

What is Involved?

  • Analyse your face to identify your colouring and best facial features
  • Discover your best make-up shades to subtly balance the shapes and shades of your face
  • Discover how to use all the make-up basics to balance, define and lift your face: foundation, blusher, highlighter/shader, powder, lips, eyeshadow, eyeliner, lash-curlers, mascara
  • Create 4 Looks: A quick 5 minute Look, a Day Time Look, A Professional Look and Evening Look.
  • Use simple, professional techniques for getting the best out of the products and tools you have including contouring.

Adopt a simple step-by-step make-up routine you can run through every day – and how to adapt it.

Receive a personalised list of make-up products suitable for you.

How does it Work?

After purchasing this consultation, I will be in touch with you within 48 hours via email to arrange a suitable date and time. Consultations take place at my studio. I will also ask you to complete a pre-profiling form/questionnaire + send a couple of specific images for analysis. This will help me tailor the consultation to suit you, your personality and your lifestyle.



​You've had the same make-up look for so long, and you are desperately longing for a change- A fresher look.

​​You are spending a fortune on products you never use.

Your colouring may have changed and you are not sure of which shades suit you now.

You have tried emulating some celebrity make-up looks, but they don't seem to look great on you.

When is best to do it?

  • ​When you feel like you need a change in your appearance
  • After a Colour Consultation
  • After a Style Consultation
  • If you have a birthday coming up
  • When you have lost or gained weight
  • When a major life event occurs
  • When you need to tweak your overall image for your personal brand 

+ 1 Month access to me via email or Whatsapp to ask any style related questions​ (Worth £995)

A set of notes including images (to remind you about everything we discuss)

You will be eligible for discounts for any future purchases including courses and memberships.
(Save up to 20%!)

A personalised list of products to add to your make-up kit.

what they're saying:

“From the make up session, I have learned how to use make up to enhance features and create a polished look. Numba explained the 'theory' very well whilst also providing lots of practical advice. I now feel I have the knowledge to make better choices and look my very best. Many thanks Numba for your fantastic advice and for a really fun day.”

— Zoe R, St Andrews