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Imagine having a wardrobe you are excited about!
One that offers you countless options and allows you
to be more creative with your style. One that showcases a strong sense of your style identity and personality.​ Your ideal wardrobe is within reach!

Contrary to popular belief, personal shopping is a very affordable service open to real men and women who want to look stylish whilst saving time and money on wrong purchases. Whether, you would like help with creating a capsule wardrobe or simply want the perfect outfit for an upcoming event, I am here to help. With a focused approach, an objective eye on you, and having experience on where to shop, I can take the stress of shopping away from you, help you to get good quality clothing and accessories to match your personality, style, age and budget. 


Which SHOPPING            is
right for





20 pieces that create 50+ outfits



the perfect outfit for your next event 

Looking for a specific item?

I'll gather a simple 20-piece wardrobe for you, shown in an online Lookbook with direct purchase links, size tips, and over 50 outfit ideas illustrated, so you'll know just how to mix and match.




Let me be your personal shopper for that special occasion! I'll curate four stunning outfits just for you. Choose your favorite look hassle-free, with direct purchase links, size suggestions and outfit inspirations. 

I'll help you find the ideal jeans/dress/coat (or whatever you're looking for), so you don't have to spend hours searching online. No more disappointment when your order arrives and you try it on.







  • You will finally have the capsule wardrobe you have always wanted for your lifestyle
  • Your will have fewer pieces but multiple outfit options.
  • You can have the perfect occasion outfit without any stress on your part.
  • You will be excited about fashion again- You will become much more creative with your outfit choices​
  • You will look chic and stylish- effortlessly!
  • You will save time and money by not repeating past mistakes

What is Involved?

  • Discuss your style needs and create a personalised shopping list based on your personality and lifestyle. 
  • I will source up to 20 items (including shoes and accessories) to suit your shape, colouring, personality and lifestyle that will create a capsule collection (Minimum Budget £700).
  • I will show you how to wear the items I have selected and how you can create a wide range of outfits from just a few pieces.
  • I will encourage you to purchase items that look great on you, suit your colouring, match the 'looks' you're after and are within your budget, however, you have the final say on the items you want to purchase and those you want to use for inspiration.

How does it Work?

After purchasing this service, I will be in touch with you within 48 hours via email to arrange a suitable date and time for your pre-shopping consultation (Up to 30 minutes).  I will then get to work and create a personal shopping lookbook containing my selected pieces (including links to purchase) + outfit ideas to help you use the selected pieces to put together stylish outfits.
I will also ask you to complete a pre-profiling form/questionnaire + Send a couple of images for analysis. This will help me tailor the lookbook to suit you, your personality and your lifestyle. 


I will also ask you to complete a pre-profiling form/questionnaire beforehand + send a couple of specific images for analysis. This will help me tailor the consultation to suit you, your personality and your lifestyle. 



Your wardrobe is doing nothing for you. You keep wasting money on clothes that make you look frumpy.

You feel overwhelmed and deflated when you shop, as you have no idea what suits you.

Shopping is a chore, rather than an enjoyable experience for you.

Shopping has become frustrating because you can never find anything that works.

You struggle to feel stylish, comfortable and joyful in what you wear. 

When is best to do it?

  • After a Style Consultation /Colour Consultation/ Wardrobe Weeding
  • If you have a birthday coming up
  • When you have lost or gained weight
  • When a major life event occurs
  • When your current wardrobe is no longer working for you
  • When you re ready to rediscover your style

+ 1 Month access to me via email or Whatsapp to ask any style related questions​ (Worth £1495)

A guide to wearing your colours with plenty of inspiration for styling.
(Worth £55)

A guide to help you get started on building a stylish and timeless capsule wardrobe.
(Worth £75)

You will be eligible for discounts for any future purchases including courses and memberships.
(Save up to 20%!)

Currently on sale on Amazon, you get this bestselling book free when you book.
(Value £25)

+ More Templates and Cheat Sheets to help you on your style journey.
(Worth £95)

what they're saying:

My shopping trip was very enjoyable and I came away with a great range of items for my wardrobe. When I returned home, I went through my current wardrobe and was able to follow the principles Numba taught me and pick out items that hadn't really worn before to create an outfits that I absolutely love!

— Alanna P ( Aberdeen)