Looking for an alternative to skinny jeans for the months ahead?

Mom jeans are your next best option!

A casual equivalent to the high waisted jean, and with the versatility that only denim can offer, mom jeans are back and have quickly made themselves at home in our wardrobes.

And, unless you’ve been living in denim denial for the past few seasons, you’ll have noticed that the ‘mom’ jean has rapidly overtaken skinny styles as the denim silhouette of choice.

Aside from the mom jean’s one-of-a-kind fit, they’ve also proven to be one of the wardrobe’s most versatile pieces and an ultimate styling essential.

Read on to see the best ways to rock the look…

1. Pair them with white trainers and a plain tee

Image via Her Campus

If you’re looking for a look that’s easy and never fails, a white tee, denim, and white trainers always works. Throw trendy mom jeans into the mix, and this will quickly become your new go-to uniform.

The mix of classic and trendy pieces gives an effortless result worthy of becoming your go-to outfit.

2. Tuck in a silky blouse

Image via camila coelho

A super simple but chic way to do the mom jeans trend is to wear a silky blouse (tucked in) and pretty pumps (flat ones count too!).

Due to the shape of mom jeans, especially if they run more on the baggy side, leaving a shirt untucked with this style will completely drag down your whole look. Tucking in your blouse will create more shape, ensuring your waist is accentuated.

3. Go bold with a leather jacket

Image via Edward Berthelot/Getty Images

Denim + leather is always a great pairing. Opt for a streamlined leather blazer for a chic look or unleash your inner rebel in a leather biker jacket.

4. Wear with a Cropped Cardi

Image via Shot From The Street

Styling 2021’s cropped cardigan trend can feel intimidating, but it doesn’t need to. Paired with high-waisted mom jeans and topped off with a pair of fancy shoes, it’ll make a fun, fresh combo.

5. Elevate ripped jeans with a trench coat

Image via Fashion Jackson

Though ripped mom jeans are the most casual iteration of the style, when worn with elevated basics like a long, lightweight coat or oversized trench, they instantly become the look’s focal point.

Accessorise the outfit with bold accessories like a red bag or animal print pointed shoes to make the outfit more fashion-forward.

I hope this post gives you plenty of ideas you can use or tweak to make the look your own.

Until next time,

Your personal stylist,

Numba xx

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