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If you’ve ever googled a colour related question before, you may have found blogs or articles online that left you feeling overwhelmed and confused. You may even have given up entirely at that point. But I promise it gets easier if you have the right knowledge and you keep training your eyes. Colour really is […]

For many of us, jeans are an everyday essential worn everywhere from brunch to the school run. But unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year or so (and we don’t blame you if you have), you’ll have heard the devastating news by now: According to trends skinny jeans are officially out. […]

Do you love shopping and eagerly anticipate every outing…? Or are you someone whoshops out of necessity? Regardless of how much you love shopping (or not!), you’ve no doubt experienced at least a few unsuccessful shopping trips. Perhaps you came home with pieces that weren’t quite right for you, or you ended up empty-handed because […]

I have some lovely news to share with you – I’ve recently been featured in the Sunday mail you Magazine. Last Sunday, the magazine featured an article on how to match your outfit to your skin tone, and I had the pleasure of sharing my expertise on this topic. In this post, I wanted to […]

If you were alive in the nineties, then chances are you’ve owned a denim skirt at some point in your life. The good news is, they’re making a come-back in a big way this year! Luckily, we’re moving away from the super-short mini skirts that you probably remember, and we’re leaning towards midi and maxi […]

A wedding is always a joyful occasion. But I can guarantee, within minutes of opening the invitation your mind will be on that all-important question – what do I wear? Luckily, I have a simple guide that will take the guesswork out of shopping for a wedding outfit! 1. Consider the venue and time of […]

You may not have known that Victoria Beckham, Rooney Mara and Scarlett Johansson are all ladies that fall under 5’4″. That’s because they know how to add a few inches to their height with some very clever styling tricks. Clothes are a great tool to deceive the eye and obtain the objective you are after. […]

If you’ve ever found yourself wearing the same, uninspired thing day in and day out, then you’re most likely in a style rut. I don’t have to tell you you’re in one because you know you are. You can feel it. According to the dictionary, a rut is a habit or pattern of behaviour that […]

Looking for an alternative to skinny jeans for the months ahead? Mom jeans are your next best option! A casual equivalent to the high waisted jean, and with the versatility that only denim can offer, mom jeans are back and have quickly made themselves at home in our wardrobes. And, unless you’ve been living in […]

Jumpers are a must-have item over the winter season, and although casual in nature, you can dress them up very easily at any time of the year. Of course, you can wear jumpers in a variety of colours, but a white jumper has a slight advantage, because it will look incredibly chic and pair well […]


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